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JJS Karate: Home of Super Karate Kids in the Philippines


About Us

J a c k  a n d  J i l l  S c h o o l
is located in Homesite in the "City of Smile" of Bacolod City,
Negros Occidental, Philippines.
It offers Preschool and Elementary education and considered  as one of the respected institutions when it comes to offering quality education base on its recorded achievements since 1963.
Jack & Jill School famous for its quality education and its way of moulding the average, mentally gifted and even the special children. Carrying its strong trademarks in penmanship, reading, spelling  and also its remarkable success both in Journalism (academics) and Karate (sports / martial arts) in which it garnered awards in local as well as in national competitions.
Karate is part of its curriculum
wherein pupils from Grades 1-6 are encouraged to join the training as part of their physical education (P.E.) activity for the whole year round.
JJS extend its branches to City Heights Subd., in Bacolod City and in Victorias City, Negros Occidental. They offer High School Education, Castleson High in City Heights and Victorias campuses and also Special Education for students with special needs in SIDERA Special Child Center.
President: CECILIA DEL CASTILLO-LOPEZ                                       
Director:    Engr. LEONCIO JAMORA Jr. 
Official Coaches / Trainors:
RANDY MENGULLO, sensei - Jack & Jill School
ELAN DELFIN, sensei - Castleson High


Learn only from authorized Dojo and qualified Instructors